Szentágothai Reserach Center University of Pécs: Bio- and Databank

Head of Biobank: Dr. Zsuzsanna Helyes
Telephone: +36 72 501 500

In order to efficiently operate and develop the research infrastructure in Szentágothai János Reserach Center (SzRC) in 2020, central research laboratory facilities – Core Facilities (CF) have been established to, which have significant scientific and innovation potential and collaboration opportunities. CF are a managed organization of key instruments and capacities of the University of Pécs (UP) research infrastructure to serve academic and market needs.

The Research Centre has 8 CF: Animal House, Flow Cytometry, Genomics and Bioinformatics, Small Animal Imaging, Nano-Bio-Imaging, Cell and Tissue Engineering, Tissue and Light Microscopy, Mass Spectrometry, and the PTE Bio- and Data Bank Core Facility shall be also integrated into the CF system.

SzRC appeals on its clinical background and the BBMRI accession in 2020 during the development of the biobank system. As a member of the CF portfolio, the SzRC biobank database will be able to handle and manage structured data related to samples, also offered as a service for in-house and external academic and industrial users. Our long-term goal is to create a centralized, quality-assured biobank at UP.


The Bio- and Data Bank CF is integrated into the SzRC Core Facility structure. The Head of the Bio- and Databank CF is the CF Manager, who performs the CF management tasks under the supervision of the SzRC CF Coordinator and the President of the SzRC. The operation of the CF will be based on the SzRC CF procedures applied by all CFs, with a standardized process for operation and use, supported by standardized contractual documentation and centralized administration. The aim is that, in addition to the individual sample collections of PTE, emerging research needs and projects can make use of the best practice and other benefits developed under the BBMRI membership.

The standardized data structure and access to a targeted database to be developed to manage data on biological samples offers researchers unprecedented opportunities. Once a CF application has been submitted, the CF manager will review and approve the application and, in consultation with the research manager, provide the applicant with CF data entry protocols, samples and database access.

Current biobank units at the UP

UP Clinical Facility (Institute of Genetics)

The biobank was established in 2009 in accordance with the requirements of Law XXI/2008, is ISO9001 certified and has been accredited by the National Accreditation Authority since 2017 according to the 15189 standard. It currently stores around 30,000 DNS samples, classified in different biobanks:

  • rare diseases,
  • cancer (BRCA, lung, colorectal) patients,
  • people with certain chronic diseases (bronchitis, COPD, pancreatitis), 
  • neurogenetic patients (epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, ataxia), and 
  • pharmacogenetic test samples, appropriately grouped. 
Institute of Translational Medicine

The Translational Medicine Centre (TMC) plays a key organizing role in the development of translational medicine in Hungary and internationally, and in building a network of contacts. Within the TMC it operates (among others):

  • Interdisciplinary Research Support Group: development of a patient data registration system and biobank covering different clinical areas and the design and launch of clinical trials. Website:
  • Translational Molecular Genetics Laboratory: laboratory for chronic pancreatitis is part of the Institute of Translational Medicine, and its aim is to conduct basic and translational research on the treatment of pancreatitis.
Institute of Translational Medicine

CENTER-TBI (“Collaborative European NeuroTrauma Effectiveness Research in TBI”) runs a serum biobank for a European Union (FP7 funded) project, measuring protein biomarker molecules (more than 4000 samples of skull injury sera from nearly 60 different European sites), more than 50 in total. 000 serum samples from more than 60 European laboratories, and the maintains the „Pécs Severe Head Injury Database”, which was started in the summer of 2002, containing clinical data of more than 700 severe head injury patients treated at the Neurosurgery Clinic of the University of Pécs, as well as the statistical analysis and publication of the data for various purposes.

CENTER TBI Biobank portfolio:

  • 56.873 serum cryovials for biomarker analyses
  • 3695 whole blood samples for genetic analysis
  • 6069 citrate plasma and 1421 EDTA plasma samples for haemostasis studies