Hungarian Pediatric Oncology Network – SCOPEDIS Biobank

Head of Biobank: Dr. Eszter Tuboly

Since 1971, the Hungarian Pediatric Oncology Network has implemented centralized and
harmonized treatment protocols and established a national registration system for all children
diagnosed with hematological and solid tumors. Concomitantly, the Hungarian Childhood Cancer
Registry was founded to collect and store structured clinical data for research purposes. Building
on these achievements and, as the next milestone in their journey, the Network had set its sights
on creating a modern, centralized Biobank. In 2022, the SCOPEDIS (Sample Collection of
Pediatric Diseases) Biobank project was launched to establish a quality-assured infrastructure
for the systematic collection, processing, storage, and distribution of biospecimens and
associated data across the Networks’ 8 treatment centers in Hungary.

Starting in early 2023, the SCOPEDIS Biobank operates at full capacity, managing a diverse range
of biospecimens, including peripheral blood and cerebrospinal fluid samples, bone-marrow
aspirates, and solid tumor tissue, all accompanied by high-quality, structured pre-analytical and
clinical information. The samples and pseudonymized data are obtained at each collection
centre from all children diagnosed with malignancies or pre-malignant tumors. The samples are
exposed to preliminary processing and after an interim storage at the local site, securely
transferred to the central storage facility. For process-and-access controlled and secure data
management, a customized Biobank Information Management System was developed and
integrated into the clinical Registry. The entire pre-analytical phase and storage circumstances
are thoroughly documented and monitored by the biobank staff. Quality control measurements,
such as DNA/RNA and total proteome quantification, or tissue integrity analysis, are carried out
on selected sample aliquots and a quality certificate is issued for requesting researchers. To
uphold the highest standards of quality, the SCOPEDIS Biobank adheres to the requirements of
the ISO 20387:2018 Biotechnology — Biobanking — General requirements for biobanking, as well
as to the latest best practice guidelines, such as the 4th Edition of the International Society for
Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) Best Practices for Repositories and those
published by International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

As a testament to their commitment to ethical and high-quality pediatric biobanking, a
dedicated website ( was also set up by the Network which serves as a
platform to showcase their work and engage with both the participating families and the
national researcher community. The main goals of the website are to provide transparent
information about the governance and the processes including sample and data access, to serve
as a communication platform for participants and researchers, and to promote public awareness
and understanding of modern biobanking.